Medical Air Evacuations Nashville, Tennessee
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Medical Air Evacuations Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee

Air Medical Evacuations

Nashville, Tennessee Medical Air Transport

Medical Air Evacuations Nashville, Tennessee

Horizon Air Ambulance is a worldwide leader in Air Medical Transportation. For over 25 years we have been safely transporting our patients from Nashville, Tennessee and to Nashville, Tennessee from throughout the world. The long term experience of our staff makes it easy and quick for you to arrange for the best flight, cost and service in or out of Nashville, Tennessee.

We understand the stress a family is under when the need for Air Ambulance is necessary. Our staff at Horizon Air Ambulance is here 24/7 to make your transport as easy as possible. Call our representatives and we will walk you through the process. With Horizon Air Ambulance the quality of care is of the utmost importance. The process of medical evacuation from Nashville, Tennessee or to Nashville, Tennessee involves many people all working to ensure a seamless transport. Air Ambulance requires a dedicated staff from the medical personal in the office, your contact person, to the medical staff on board the aircraft.

We pride ourselves in all the transports we have handled throughout Nashville, Tennessee. For us to be considered an Nashville, Tennessee Air Ambulance Company our clients should know there is a medical jet nearby to move at a moments notice. Always keep in mind that required information must be collected before a patient can be placed onboard. You will receive a general list when a quote is supplied, but each case requires certain criteria.

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Understanding Insurance ...

Patient Transport Nashville, Tennessee

Medical Air Evacuations Nashville, Tennessee

Everyone agrees that Air Ambulance is an expensive service and therefore we are one of the only companies in the world to file a claim to your private insurance and try to recoup some or all the money you paid for your flight so you can get reimbursed.. What people need to understand about insurance coverage is they are more likely to assist with payment on an air ambulance transport if the patient can not receive the care they need where they are, and need to leave Nashville, Tennessee or be brought to Nashville, Tennessee for medical purpose. They generally do not pay if it is just a matter of location convenience of the patient.

Insurance companies have stringent requirements regarding the conditions necessary to qualify for air ambulance cost reimbursement. The first place to look to see if your trip qualifies is your policy with a comprehensive health care insurer, such as Blue Cross & Blue Shield, AIG, Aetna, etc. In most cases, an urgent medical need, documented by a physician, is required for reimbursement. In some instances of medical necessity, Medicaid will cover Nashville, Tennessee air ambulance services.

Travel medical insurance is for travelers who are leaving their home country. It provides coverage for medical emergencies and evacuations. Depending on the company selling it, it is sometimes called International Medical Insurance, International Travel Insurance, or Worldwide Medical Insurance. These medical travel insurance policies are much more likely to agree to an air ambulance transport quickly since the policy was purchased for that specific reason.

Booking Process...

Medevac Process Nashville, Tennessee

Medical Air Evacuations Nashville, Tennessee

We know that every situation is different in some manner. Transporting a patient from Nashville, Tennessee or to Nashville, Tennessee has requirements that are involved in almost every air medical evacuation and below we will give you an idea of what to expect. Certainly the best is always just to ask your Medical Transport Specialist if you are confused about something. We realize that in most cases this is trauma to the family and rest assure we are here to keep you as calm as possible by keeping you informed about the process every step of the way.

What you can expect...

Nashville, Tennessee Air Transport

  • We will assist in gathering all patient records
  • Assist with language issues
  • We access the transport need and type
  • Decide the transporting aircraft
  • Give assistance with locating a receiving facility
  • Help make payment arrangements
  • Assist with insurance claims
  • Supply the correct medical staff for the trip
  • Arrange all ground transportation
  • Keep you informed every step of the way
  • Gather correct IDs, Visas and Flight Permits

  • As stated above, there are always different things that come up during a transport. You may need hotel assistance while you wait for medical clearance to travel, you may need language assistance with the facility you are currently at. Relax, just ask, the situation you have is only trauma to you, almost all our clients when they come to us feel alone. We are here to comfort you as well as transport your loved one from Nashville, Tennessee or to Nashville, Tennessee.

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    Case Managers

    Nashville, Tennessee Medical Flights

    Horizon Air Ambulance wants you to know as case managers, patient advocates and hospital staff we realize your time is valuable. We also realize you are the lifeline to our business. We pride ourselves in handling every step of the transport once you supply the medical reports necessary to travel. We know in most cases you have the families you are dealing with and the choice is yours if you would like to have them deal direct with us or have all the information go through you.

    Horizon Air Ambulance

    Horizon Air Ambulance is a medical air service provider with extensive experience. We have been transporting our patients from Nashville, Tennessee and to Nashville, Tennessee for over 15 years. No matter what the medical situation is we have a medical evacuation solution for you. Our on board flight staff are very highly experienced as well. The medical director will determine the exact care that is necessary for a safe air ambulance transport.

    Services We Provide

  • Worldwide Air Ambulance
  • Domestic and International Medical Flights
  • Commercial Stretcher Flights
  • Pediatric air ambulance transports
  • Burn patient air medical flights
  • VIP medical patient flights
  • Ground ambulance service

  • Air Ambulance Payments

    Medical Air Evacuations Nashville, Tennessee

    Bank Wires

    Most air ambulance is paid for by bank wires since it is the most cost effective way to pay. It is also quite quick actually from most countries. Our banking information is available to you by request when you are in the booking stage. We use major worldwide banks for speed of wire acceptance.

    Credit Cards

    Credit Cards can be a great option in certain circumstances. Please remember there is a 5% surcharge added anytime a credit card is used to pay for an air ambulance flight. Many times the injury of a patient occurs on the weekend or after banking hours, this is when credit cards become the best way to secure your evacuation flight. Visa, Discover, Master Card and Amex are excepted. More than one credit card can be used to secure a flight.

    Insurance Payments

    There are many times when insurance companies pay for air ambulance transports. Depending on what type of insurance there is will decide the speed the insurance company will act. Travel insurance is the best protection for air ambulance payments. If we are not dealing with travel insurance then the process can be a little time consuming. We will do everything in our power to assist with insurance claims. Many time families opt to pay the transport and get reimbursed by the insurance company after the claims are filed.

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    Nashville, Tennessee Hospitals

    Some Nashville, Tennessee Hospitals Below

    Medical Air Evacuations Nashville, Tennessee

    Moving a patient by air ambulance to Nashville, Tennessee or from Nashville, Tennessee will require certain basic requirements for the hospital acceptance decision. When using an air ambulance in a domestic medical evacuation it is important to know that you must have the receiving facility fully aware of arrival and that they have "accepted the patient" in writing. Air Ambulance equipment can not show up at the emergency room in Nashville, Tennessee, without prior acceptance, that is illegal. Now International transports are somewhat different. The larger of the hospitals, meaning level one trauma centers, have to receive by law a patient that resides in their vicinity. Its is not however best for the patient to be dropped on the Nashville, Tennessee hospital doorstep without prior acceptance. The patient ends up spending more time in the Emergency Room section instead of going directly to the needed department.

    What Air Ambulance Is...

    Nashville, Tennessee Medical Flights

    Medical Air Evacuations Nashville, Tennessee

    An air ambulance is a specially equipped aircraft used to transport critically ill or injured patients to hospitals or medical facilities that can provide the necessary medical care. Air ambulances typically consist of a fixed-wing aircraft equipped with advanced medical equipment and staffed by medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and paramedics.

    Air ambulances can provide rapid transport to medical facilities that are far away or difficult to reach by ground transportation. They can also provide emergency medical care en route to the hospital, including advanced life support measures like intubation, oxygen therapy, and administration of medications.

    Air ambulance services are typically used in emergency situations when time is of the essence and immediate medical care is required. They may be called upon to transport patients to Nashville, Tennessee, or from Nashville, Tennessee, with a wide range of medical conditions, including trauma injuries, cardiac emergencies, neurological disorders, and respiratory distress.

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    Safe Medical Flights

    We pride ourselves on our 100 % accident-free safety record and our fleet of fully equipped private jets. Horizon Air Ambulance goes above and beyond to provide peace of mind for our patients, along with their family members, during a stressful time. We prepare all of the planning required to transport a patient to Nashville, Tennessee, or from Nashville, Tennessee, while also providing top-quality, bed-to-bed care for the patient throughout their medical evacuation flight. Whether you are a hospital case manager or a family member of a patient, contact Horizon Air Ambulance 24/7 today to discuss your needs with a knowledgeable flight coordinator.

    Safety has always been the top priority of Horizon Air Ambulance. All flight crew members and maintenance personnel undergo extensive initial and recurrent aircraft training. In addition, Horizon Air Ambulance has a comprehensive in-house training program that includes computerized learning programs, as well as traditional student / teacher sessions.

    While extraordinary pricing and the best customer care are how Horizon Air Ambulance provides value to our customers, safety is always our top priority. That’s why we use two audit systems and FAA approval for every medical evacuation flight and aircraft we work with. All of our aircraft are flown by two highly qualified pilot crews. Be confident in your flight to Nashville, Tennessee or from Nashville, Tennessee that your crew is 100% exceptional.


    Pili Moreno

    So grateful for the exceptional customer service provided in such a painful situation. What looked like an amazing vacay in Bermuda, ended up in 15 days at hospital with my dad. Steve and team, I can't thank you enough for all the hard work you've done behind the scenes making sure everything was ready to have my dad flown back home internationally and keeping me up to date with everything... and what's better, through whatsapp so I didn't have to deal with ginormous cell phone bills! I whole heartedly recommend their services.

    Marian Leighton

    Steve, It's hard to find words to thank you. You helped me get my father home to the care he desperately needed, from Malaga, Spain in which the language barrier was just one piece of what I have only been able to describe as a nightmare. You went above and beyond keeping us informed through some of the most stressful days of my life. The effort you put into helping arrange the air ambulance and securing a hospital room when we arrived home was stellar. I am so grateful for the support you provided and have shared your name with not only friends and family but my travel agent as well. THANK YOU!

    Elizabeth Toribio

    Steve is very knowledgeable and helpful, you guys are awesome my grandmother had a great flight home and your crew was amazing. Steve went above and beyond to help me and my family with our objective and thanks to his efforts she is home and doing so much better

    Michael Richings

    The service from Horizon Air Ambulance was excellent. Of three services we contacted for evacuation on a Friday afternoon from Antigua, only Horizon, in particular Steve Panzella, responded immediately and worked late into the evening to make transportation and hospital arrangements. He started again early the next morning and a plane was dispatched. We left Antigua on Saturday afternoon and in flight care for my wife was excellent. Transfer in Fort Lauderdale to Broward General was efficient and which was expecting us. Thanks Horizon.

    Johnny H

    What can I say, I called these people when I was oversea's with my sick wife. Within 36 hours we were on our way back to the states, thanks Steve