Medical Evacuations


USA 1-631-662-5425

Mexico +52-9849800529

Chile +56-225940649

UK +44 203-318-1064

Europe +357 2223 2365

Hong Kong +852 300 85659

Korea +82 02 6433 9509

Africa +27 129 400 356

Australia +61-730670688

Dispatchers on Call

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Air Ambulance Medical Equipment

Air Ambulance Cardiac Monitors

Air Ambulance Intubation Equipment

Air Ambulance Respirator / Ventilator

Air Ambulance Infusion Pumps

Air Ambulance Oxygen Supplies

air ambulance

air ambulance

Dedicated Air Ambulance Fleet

Air Ambulance Lear Jets

Air Ambulance Hawker 800XP's

Air Ambulance Citation II's

Air Ambulance Challenger 604's

Air Ambulance Gulfstream IV's

About Our Company

Horizon Air Ambulance created a "One Call Transfer" to ensure the clients family or patient themself are given every attention to detail all through the transport process. Horizon Air Ambulance has experienced growth every year since the conception of the company. We are specialists in transporting patients both domestically and internationally. Unfortunately air ambulance transports can be a very stressfull experience. We allow the patient or there family to concentrate on there health rather than be concerned with all the paperwork necessary to make the transport a smooth success.