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Medical Evacuations


USA 1-631-662-5425

Mexico +52-9849800529

Chile +56-225940649

UK +44 203-318-1064

Europe +357 2223 2365

Hong Kong +852 300 85659

Korea +82 02 6433 9509

Africa +27 129 400 356

Australia +61-730670688

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What Horizon Delivers

Peace Of Mind

Horizon air Ambulance will be with you every step of the way through the transport. We know that when tragedy strikes or patient medical conditions require a transport there are many concerns and fears. We offer you 24 hours assistance, 7 days a week so you and your loved ones are never alone. We will gladly take the responsibility of speaking with the physicians, arranging necessary paperwork and assistance with facility acceptance.

Affordable Rates

The reality is that Air Ambulance transports are an expensive proposition. At Horizon Air Ambulance we are capable of giving our clients better rates by using our jet placement system. Unlike most companies we are able to look into our system and locate the nearest medical jet to your proposed transport. This allows for less repositioning to the actual trip and therefore keeps the rate the best possible for our clients.

Excellent Service

Through over 20 years of experience transporting over 10,000 patients worldwide Horizon Air Ambulance has continued to give excellent service to its clients. The simple fact is this, our teams are prompt, curteous and experienced. This is what you expect from a medical transport company and we are proud to deliver. Call us and see what our team can do for you.