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A Word to the Wise

March 16, 2017

Everyday our business basically exists from travelers that are away from home and need to get back. The sad thing is that most people do not realize that when traveling abroad they should not travel without medical travel insurance. The phone calls we get on a daily basis are very sad. A family has no insurance and they have just been told it is $37,400 to transport there loved one home to New York from Belize. Many families do not have that kind of cash on hand and it is basically impossible for them to get. Remember, do not ever travel out of the country thinking that the medical care is the same. Medical Travel insurance is very cheap, do not leave home without it.

Air Ambulance Medical

Accra Ghana to Pittsburg

March 15, 2017

Today was business as usual when we needed to transport a patient from Africa to the United States. This particular case was rather easy since the patient was stable all along. Unfortunately for them they were on a vacation and got in to an accident. There were many fractures but no internal bleeding. After local surgery the patient stayed for a while to recover and then the family decided they wanted him home. We handled it and all went well.

Air Ambulance Medical

San Juan to Zurich

January 22, 2017

Recently we were called in reference to a transport from San Juan, Puerto Rico to Zurich, Switzerland. The patient was actually going to be staying with family members in Europe for quite a while and did not have the capacity to travel on a commercial airline. We quickly arranged the trip and handled the ground transportation on each end so that the air ambulance transport went smooth. On this particular trip we had 2 family members also traveling with the patient. The patient is now in Zurich with family and enjoying her life there. It was a pleasure to assist the Rodriguez family and we wish only the best in the future.

Air Ambulance Medical

Dubai to Frankfurt

January 20, 2017

Today we were called to transport a patient 76 years old from Dubai, UAE to Frankfurt, Germany for open heart surgery. It was an Advanced Life Support system transport that included a cardiologist on board as well as a registered nurse. The patient was admitted to the Hospital in Germany and we have just gotten word that the surgery went well and the patient is doing just fine. Looks like they will stay in Germany for about 2 weeks and be traveling home on a commercial airline. We are very happy everything worked out for the patient and the family.

Air Ambulance Medical

China to San Francisco

January 18, 2017

This is a medical transport that was pre arranged a few days ago from the hospital in Guangzhou, China. We picked up the patient and flew them oversea's to San Francisco where they were scheduled for a liver transplant. This trip requires four fuel stops and a flying time with patient of 22 hours. Our staff did everything possible to make the patient and the family member traveler as comfortable as possible. That is a very long time to be in an air ambulance with limited space and a less that 5 foot ceiling. These aircraft are completely set up for medical transports not luxury.