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Air Ambulance Medical

A Word to the Wise

March 16, 2017

Everyday our business basically exists from travelers that are away from home and need to get back. The sad thing is that most people do not realize that when traveling abroad they should not travel without medical travel insurance. The phone calls we get on a daily basis are very sad. A family has no insurance and they have just been told it is $37,400 to transport there loved one home to New York from Belize. Many families do not have that kind of cash on hand and it is basically impossible for them to get. Remember, do not ever travel out of the country thinking that the medical care is the same. Medical Travel insurance is very cheap, do not leave home without it.

Air Ambulance Medical

Buenes Aires to NYC

January 16, 2017

Recently we were called to a transport a patient from Buenes Aires, Argentina to New York City. The patient had been in a serious car accident and had various fractures throughout their body. This actually is considered a relatively easy transport since vital signs were excellent and the patient was not bleeding internally. We are once again proud to say that the transport went smooth and we brought the patient up to Lenox Hill Hospital in NYC for the special surgery they needed to repair bone damage.

Air Ambulance Medical

The Challenger 605 Medical Jet

January 14, 2017

The Challenger 605 is an amazing aircraft. It is suitable for quite long distance Medical Evacuations. We can put the patient plus three family members and take them approximately 3000 nautical miles. It is used many times to take patients from Asia to USA or Dubai, UAE back to the United States with one fuel stop needed along the way. It is certainly more comfortable for long distance trips but the downside is the cost of operation per hour. This aircraft runs about $5500 USD per hour to operate.

Air Ambulance Medical

Lear 36A XR for Medicals

January 12, 2017

The Lear 36A XR is the pride of the air ambulance business since usually cost matters. This aircraft can actually travel about 2400 Nautical Miles and for a light jet that is absolutely unbelievable. She flies at a speed of 525mph and is priced per hour with medical crew at about $3500 in most areas of the world. Downside is that the aircraft is low inside and has very little extra space after all the medical equipment and crew is inside. It can however take the patient and one family member on any trip and usually saves a great deal of funds for the patients family or insurance company.

Air Ambulance Medical

Seoul Korea to Portland Oregon

January 08, 2017

It was a pleasure to bring one of our patients from Seoul korea back to the United States for an operation on his leg yesterday. Very simple transport that took about 17.5 Hours in our Lear aircraft. The patients family was very happy since we were able to get them a special rate on an empty leg returning back to the US. An Empty Leg Air Ambulance trip is when a jet is returning from an already paid trip and the call comes in that just happens to fit the flight pattern. Many times the trip can be about 40% cheaper this way. We always search the availability of empty leg medical evacuation flights but can not always find one.

Beijing China to Milwaukee

January 04, 2017

Beijing China all the way to Milwaukee Wisconsin. This was a very long trip for a patient that got into a car accident in Beijing, was cared for there and finally was fit to fly home to the states. 28.4 hours with the patient on board and 4 fuel stops along the way. Family needed the best possible rate for the transport so we needed to use the Lear aircraft for the trip. Patient is home and glad to be here thanks to our medical team.

The Air Ambulance Process

January 02, 2017

Well the process starts with the phone call and basically we take it from there. First we get a medical report of the patient and decide the necessary care for the trip. We then file the flight permits and take off in route to get our patient. At the same time our pre arranged ground crew is awaiting our medical team to land at the airport closest to the patients facility. We then leave the aircraft in the ground ambulance and go to get the patient prepared for the flight. The patient is brought back to the aircraft, strapped in, and off we go. Once we arrive at the destination airport a ground ambulance takes the patient and the team to the facility where our staff turns the patients care over to the attending Doctor, Job Complete.